Our Year in Review

Apple Day 2014

Nepean Area would like to extend a big thank-you to all of the youth, leaders, and parents who contributed to the success of the 2014 Apple Day weekend.  Although the weather was not at its best, groups were able to get out 415 youth and leaders to help raise a combined total of just under $7500 during this event. Great job! Scouter Jen Winters

RoVent 2014

In October, 388 Hobbits, Elves, Dwarfs, Orcs and Wizards (also known as Venturers, Rovers and Senior Guides) met at Camp Opemikon for RoVent 2014. Run by a youth committee headed by the 116th Nepean Rovers and Venturers, with assistance from 1st Greenwood Venturers, Service Corps and MedVents, and of course, the Ope Crew, this year's event added some new elements to the traditional quest, faire, siege, feast and dance. A demonstration of armoring and medieval combat by the South Tower Armoring Guild and a chainmail making clinic were added to the schedule, as well as a euchre tournament for advisors and an all-night movie marathon. Despite frigid temperatures and the occasional rain squall, spirits were not dampened and a great time was had by all.

Planning for RoVent 2015 will begin in February, and any interested senior Scouting or Guiding youth are invited to join the committee and help us continue this tradition of excellence.

Photos can be found on: http://web.ncf.ca/ad554/reports.htm

Voyageur Council Food Drive 2014

A huge thank you to each and everyone of you for your involvement in this year's Scouts Metro Food Drive. Once again Nepean Area was able to cover all the Metro Stores in our Area plus one in Heritage Area.The final totals for 2014 were 67,500 pounds of food and $10,467.05.  The numbers were down this year as not all Metro stores participated. We are working with Metro to ensure that all stores will participate next year.

The final totals for 2013 were 74,000 pounds of food and $12,531.50. The final totals for 2012 were 70,000 pounds of food and just over $10,000.

Remembrance Day in Nepean 2014

As in previous years, Nepean Area Scouts participated in the Remembrance Day parade and ceremony at the Ben Franklin Place memorial.  Participation is a challenge when events fall on a weekday, but Scouts rose to the occasion!  The warm and sunny weather was a welcome respite from the originally forecast wet flurries for the 4 leaders and 9 youth, including 4 flag bearers from Scouts and Cubs.  David Johnson from 19th Nepean Beavers laid the wreath on behalf of Scouts Canada during the Nepean Remembrance Day ceremony this year. During the parade several spectators were heard to remark on the Scouting presence, and we made a front-row VIP (a former Scout) proud with our diligence in participating for so many years.

At Walter Baker Sports Center, the 25th Nepean Group organzied the Scouts who made it to this ceremony. The parade was a great success. The 25th Nepean Scout Group had  3 youth from Beavers (Nathan Riley - he laid the wreath with Turner, Samuel O'Leary and Liam Stevens) and 2 from cubs: Turner Kelly and Lucas Gee attended. All of the kids were great and they were very excited to participate as a way of saying thanks.  Their marching wasn't nearly as impressive as the cadets but they were super cute, quiet and attentive.

I managed to attend 3 section ceremonies on Tuesday night, November 11th. 23rd Nepean Colony hosted a Beaver dad who currently serves in the military. This father was showing the youth what equipment is needed. The 2nd year scouts of the 23rd Nepean Owl Troop hosted a ceremony which was followed by Q&A with 2 leaders (one who have served in the 90s and one who continues to serve). The last ceremony I managed to attend was the 27th Nepean Troop. Youth presented poems and thoughts during the closing horseshoe. During this whirl-wind of visits, I managed to have youth hand out the remaining 4 Thank-you crests (seen here) by their youth. The scouts and beaver really enjoyed giving something back to their parents.

Carleton Area Whitetail Sleepover

Although this is not a Nepean event, all 7 Nepean groups had whitetails and leaders attending on one of the 2 weekends. Beavers were treated to activities at the sleepover's new location, Canadian Museum of History, in Gatineau. The IMAX movie was also a big hit!  The campfire included lots of crazy antics by the many volunteers that make this event work. I have heard that our beavers enjoyed it tremendously. Waking up at 6 am is never easy but Scouter Paul was cheerful as ever in encouraging everyone to wake up and enjoy the second half of the sleepoever.  Thank-you to the organizing committee!

14th Annual Barrhaven Santa Claus Parade 2014

On November 23rd, 2014, all 3 Barrhaven Groups (23rd Nepean, 25th Nepean, and 27th Nepean Groups) had youth, leaders and parents participate in this year's parade. Floats were decorated and then youth jumped on their floats in order to wave at all the spectators.

Fish Out of Water 2015

On February 7, 2015, 57 youth and leaders jumped into Walter Baker Swimming pools to enjoy the various activities provided. Cubs and Scouts were challenged to create a raft out of pool noodles and rope. Some rafts worked; some did not. :) Shark attack and the bottle hunt also produced lots of laughs and giggles. The organizers also provided the opportunity of youth to test their skills. 6 cub and 1 troop level badges were awarded. Well done! At the end of the evening, the lifeguards opened up the waterslide to the cheers of all the youth and leaders! Akela from 19th Nepean was heard to howl his appreciation all the way down the slide!

“Youth were able to demonstrate swimming skills relevant to their section’s badge requirements, and had great fun rotating through challenging individual and team aquatic activities like tag, diving, raft building, and bottle hunting.  But that’s not all … hoots and hollers of glee were heard from the water slide during free time at the end of the session (even from the youth).  A very cool event crest made a great souvenir.  And all for $5!” Scouter Charles Pierce, 19th Nepean Akela.

Many thanks to the 27th Nepean for hosting this event. I want to thank Scouters Chris Innes, Ed Jordison, Paul Totten and Jen Totten for their hard work and dedication. 

Scout Guide Week Celebrations 2015

Feb 18th: 23rd Nepean Scout group celebrated with a group campfire. Songs and Skits and many cheers left everyone in a great mood!

Feb 20th: The 27th Nepean Scout group celebrated their 25th anniversary with lasagna cooked by the culinary school students at Longfields Davison Highschool. Scouter Jen Totten, the event chair, took the time to celebrate our youth leaders: sixers and seconds in their packs, patrol leaders and APLs within troop, keeo, Kims, activity leaders, as well as scouters-in-training. The group celebrated these youth leaders alongside those leaders that have committed a significant amount of years to Scouting. Congrats to you all.

Feb 21th: The 25th Nepean Scout group also celebrated thier 25th anniversary with their sponsor at the Legion on Fallowfield. The evening started with many kub kar and beaver buggie races. The youth raced right up to dinner. After Johnny Appleseed grace, many families enjoyed a wonderful hot chicken meal. Group Commissioner Kirsten McDowell recognized many leaders for their wonderful dedication to our youth. The evening continued with every section leading a song or performing a skit.

Feb 22nd: The 123rd Ottawa Scout group celebrated with their sponsor, St Stephen's Church. The parishioners were treated to a slide show where the Venturer youth told their story of a service project to Stara Voda, Czech Republic. The slideshow was entertaining as well as enlightening. Afterwards, the Venturers cooked lunch for everyone before their vestry meeting.

In-Tents Experience

The 123rd Ottawa Scout troop had fun with Voyaguer Council's challenge to set up a campsite in February.

Nepean Area Rally 2015: "On your marks! Get Set! GO”

March 7, 2015: It was a glorious day to go watch racing at Walter Baker Sports center! 111 Beavers-Cubs-Scouts arrived ready to RUMBLE! 

A small army of leaders arrived early at WBSC to set up 5 tracks, beaver activities, the pit area, and the registration area. By 9:15am Beaver Scouts arrived with buggies and smiles. Beavers had a chance to test their skills at the Beaver Buggy Express and Beaver Buggy curling activities. They even got a chance to refuel!

As the Venturers manned the tracks, 56 cubs and 27 scouts completed in 2 heats of 8 races each to see who would be in the finals. After the scores were tabulated, the winners were declared!

Kub Kar Finalists
Scout Trucks Finalists
1st Kathryn Mertes, 23rd Nepean Cougar Pack
2nd Nena Kearney, 116th Nepean Eagle Pack
3rd Luke Schultz, 116th Nepean Eagle Pack
4th Aidan McGregor, 19th Nepean Pack
1st: Tai Liu, 19th Nepean Troop
2nd: Ben Conabree, 27th Nepean Troop
3rd: Morgan Morey, 116th Nepean Troop
4th: Harry Mackenzie, 27th Nepean Troop

Then came the competition for the Best Design. Bruce McCracken led a team of 3 youth and 2 adult judges to decide on which car met the requirements for Best Design. It was a hard decision by all reports.

Kub Kar Finalists
Scout Trucks Finalists
1st Ben Woo, 27th Nepean B Pack
2nd Rory Moore, 27th Nepean A pack
3rd Ryan Smith, 23rd Nepean Bear Pack
(not pictured here)
1st: Emali MacDougall-Landry, 23rd Nepean Owl Troop
2nd: Noah Zeibdawi, 19th Nepean Troop
3rd Jacob Braun – 23rd Nepean Owl Troop.
(not pictured here)

Congratulations to all the winners!

Nepean Hikes with the Beavers

April 18, 2015: As part of the Nepean Area initiative, 19th and 25th Nepean joined forces to host the 1st Annual Beaver Hike open to all Beavers in Nepean. Their dedication to this age group is fantastic and their interest it involving other sections to create a cool event for Beavers. 45 Beavers, a few Cubs, Scouts and Ventures along with parents were treated to a fantastic event. Parents were able to witness how much fun youth can have at a scouting event. Beavers thru Venturers were engaged in various activities while Parents were encouraged to volunteer next year. 

The Beavers were divided into two Groups at registration and the day began with some games.  One half then went on a nature hike / scavenge our hunt, while the other half played more games.  The hike Leader was excellent, stopping to point out things on the list, to watch frogs, teach a song, and play a game.  The hike lasted about an hour, there was a snack and the two groups switched.  After the Beavers, leaders and families etc. were beavering their way through hot dogs and chips,  a campfire was planned to close the evening. Lots of fun, very well organized!! 

ScouTrees 2015

Nepean Area had tree planters in 4 spots on May 3, 2015: Corrigan Pond, South Nepean Park, Winding Way and...

The 27th Nepean group planted 500 trees at Corrigan Pond on May 2nd, 2015. We had about 50 planters and planted all 500 trees in an hour and a half. The weather was beautiful and warm making the popsicles we had brought for a treat really hit the spot! Several species of willow, oak, and evergreen were planted around the storm water management pond and will provide shade along with nesting habitat for bids in the years to come. Good job 27th Nepean!

On May 2nd, 2015 Nepean Area, in parternership with Tree Ottawa, planted 1000 trees at South Nepean Park. Several years ago the city of Ottawa staff had the unfortunate job of removing several hundred ash trees infested with Emerald Ash Borer from the park. This past weekend we had the awesome oppurtunity to replace and enrich those trees left, with White Spruce, Burr Oak, Yellow Birch and Silver Maple. We had approximately 150 planting volunteers in total and managed to plant 1000 trees in 2 hours from start to finish. Good Job everyone! Special thanks to Tree Ottawa for the generous donation of snacks, juice, water, and coffee. 

19th Nepean planted 250 trees at 20 Winding Way, Barrhaven. Thanks 19th!


123rd Ottawa Group planted 200 trees (birch and silver maple) with a group of 35 at Holland Estates, North Gower - A site that they have planted on for more than 30 years. Youth walk by previous years' plants and learn the power of their actions.

 27th Nepean Troop and 27th Nepean Venturers planted 200 trees at Baxter Conservation Area on May 5th, 2015. The scouts and venturers had supper (Thank you Scouter Paul and Scouter Peter) and then went off and under planted 200 evergreens amongst the ash trees that are expected to succumb to Emerald Ash borer in the next few years. Good Job Scouts and Venturers!

Nepean Area had 285 members planting 2150 trees at 5 planting sites!

Wood Badge 2 Recipients

On May 3, 2015:  7 leaders took on the challenge of Woodbadge 2. Nepean is proud of these leaders and their accomplisments. Please join me in congratulating the following leaders:

Woodbadge 2 Colony:
     Cory Dignard, 23rd Nepean

Woodbadge 2 Pack:
     Christian Legere, 23rd Nepean
     Dawn Schultze, 123rd Ottawa
     Jason Schultze, 123rd Ottawa

Woodbadge 2 Troop:
     Jane Stallanrass, 123rd Ottawa
     Vic Dohar, 27th Nepean
     Siobahn Ward, Nepean Area

Advancement Season

April 29, 2015: 19th Nepean celebrated at Briargreen ES the accomplishments of Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.  The enthusiasm of the youth was clearly evident during the ceremony and at their end of year BBQ.

May 5, 2015: 25th Nepean celebrated at the Barrhaven Fellowship Church. After the ceremonies, all youth were treated to cake with one difficult choice... chocolate or vanilla!

May 6, 2015: 1st Nepean Beavers traversed the "white water" of rivers to join pack! 1st Nepean Venturers aided Scouter Scott in welcoming white tails to the newly formed pack for next year. After awards were presented, all were treated to a hot dog and snack BBQ.

May 11, 2015: 27th Nepean celebrated their 25th Anniversary at Baxter Conservation Area. The cool wet temperatures did little to dampen the enthusiasm of the youth and leaders. The evening concluded with a lilac bush being planted by beavers, cubs, scouts and ventures and 2 area youth commisioners.

May 12, 2015: 123rd Ottawa may be small in number but they know how to make it work. Scouter Greg had us all... all beavers, cubs, scouts, ventures, leaders and area team join in and perform all the opening ceremonies for each section. We were treated to one beaver and 2 cubs advancing to their next sectiion.  The evening concluded with treats for everyone. 

May 13, 2015: 116th Nepean's advancement ceremony involved Fred the Moose, a Chief Scout and 8 swords to welcome youth to the Venture Company. We are pleased to see 5 rovers were on site to welcome one more to their ranks. Well done! 

May 20, 2015: 23rd Nepean's advancement was great fun. MANY white tails swam up, serveral cubs lept up, and 1 scout decided to go up to Ventures. The fun night concluded with serveral Program Quality Awards being presented!

Nepean Area Family Camp

After a wet start to the weekend (this seems to be an annual theme) the sun came out on Saturday and we had a good turn-out with families from most of the groups in Nepean Area.  Activities appealing to a variety of ages were offered:  pond study; leathercraft; water-gun-capture-the-flag; tomahawk throwing; geocaching; hiking; swimming; ladder golf; marble boat contest; dutch oven cooking demonstration; cardboard-and-duct-tape boat race.  The ice cream boat paid 2 visits to the beach.
With the communal atmosphere on the site food was offered around between families at dinner time.  In future years we might have to randomly select at least one family to bring no food whatsoever in the hopes of being able to eat everything that does arrive!
The Saturday evening campfire introduced everyone to new skits and songs.  Scouts Own on Sunday morning began with reflection on the camp and our families (including our Scouting family) and organically developed into a sharing session between families and their experiences in Scouting.
We look forward to growing this event in future years!