What's Happening in Nepean

Nepean Rally was a great success! 

There were:

72 Beavers
102 Cubs
12 scouts
60 scouters register with their youth
44 OOS (Rovers, Venturers, OPE reps, scouters, scouts, AC, and DAC)

Congratulations to:

Kub Kar Race Finals

1 Ethan Lange      P031  25th Eagle Pack

2 Giulian Loreti     P027  23rd Bear Pack

3 Logan Brunzell  P058  27th B Pack


Kub Kar Design

1 Kimberly McCracken    P008  19th NepeanPack

2 Zach McFarland           P032   25th Nepean Eagle Pack

3 Nico Molina                  P066   27th Nepean B Pack


Scout Truck Race Finals

1 Luke Schultz  P26   116th Nepean Troop

2 Luke Bowlby  P27   116th Nepean Troop

3 Kirk Bowlby    P28   116th Nepean Troop


Scout Truck Design

1 Evelyn Pierce                19th Nepean Troop

2 Matthew Jarabek P25  116th Nepean Troop

3 Luke Schultz        P26  116th Nepean Troop


A big thanks to all that helped make the Nepean Rally Day a success!